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A brand new Toucan absorbent rebreather





SRI is a SME specialized in innovative cleaning equipment for workshop safety.

SRI develops new customizable cleaning concepts, combining customized service offers with consumables. Their ranges of biological cleaning fountains, absorbent recyclers and brake cleaners combine technical, ecological and ergonomic innovations.

A new absorbent recycler

SRI wanted to market a new generation of absorbent recycler by innovating in terms of use. The absorbent recycler had to be :

  • Ergonomic
  • Multifunction
  • Robust
  • Easy to maintain
  • Customizable

Notre accompagnement


Definition of the functional and technical specifications


Preliminary design and estimated capital costs and part prices


Full-size prototype, finishing of the design and refinement of the tooling costs and part prices


Order of the tools and follow-up of the execution with the mould maker


Carrying out tests and a pre-production run, approval of the pre-production run and launching of mass production

Anvi plasturgie assisted SRI in the design and industrialization of the new absorbent recycler

Study of the product functions and needs to transcribe them into a 3D file ready for industrialization. Design and conception adapted to the rotomolding process. Suggestions to make the product functional and aesthetic.

ANVI Plasturgie’s expertise in rotational molding for the realization of tools adapted to the rotational molding process and taking into account quality criteria and objective costs. Quick start-up of production.

What were the difficulties of this project?
The challenge of the project was to add functions to the product without increasing the costs.
The development of the product was a challenge for ANVI Plasturgie because it includes several parts to be adjusted and assembled in order to deliver a finished product.

How long did the project take?
The development of the project lasted twenty-six months between the first contact and the realization of the finalized parts. This is the time needed to develop a complex and complete project, from design to production.

Why did SRI choose Anvi Plasturgie rather than another partner ?
SRI selected Anvi Plasturgie for 2 reasons.

1. The guidance regarding the design
SRI wanted the project to be co-developed by its partner and for them to understand the use of its products. The support of ANVI Plasturgie for the design of the product allowed to simplify the development by having a single person in charge of the project from its conception to the delivery of the finished product.

2. Rotational molding expertise
Design is not the only argument. SRI valued Anvi Plasturgie’s expertise in design and manufacturing using the rotational molding process.
SRI was able to confirm the design offered by Anvi Plasturgie and to receive, at the end of the industrialization, a finished product ready to be marketed.

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