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Playmoovin’: wheelchairs for the able-bodied !





PlayMoovin' is a new company based in the Puy-de-Dôme region, committed to the inclusion of disabled people. PlayMoovin' wants to make sports accessible to all, by " fading" discrimination at school.

PlayMoovin’ creates wheelchairs for the valid!

In France, 240 000 children with reduced mobility are deprived of physical activity at school because of the lack of adapted equipments, the cost of a sports chair being nearly 6000 €.
To solve this problem, PlayMoovin’ had the idea to create wheelchairs for able-bodied children. This allows them to play with their disabled friends on an equal footing.

A plastic wheelchair

PlayMoovin’ wanted to make a wheelchair that was totally different from an existing wheelchair, in order to change the way people look at disability. The wheelchair had to be :

Easy to maintain

Thanks to the creation of an all-plastic seat shell, they have designed a fun chair (developed by Wally Salvan, founder of wheelchair rugby) that is six times less expensive than a sports chair.

Notre accompagnement


Contact with the design office and provision of 3D drawings


Debate on the feasibility of the product


Interchange with the mould maker for the realisation of the mould


Setting up of the first prototypes


Improvement of the prototypes and then validation

PlayMoovin' entrusted Anvi Plasturgie with the manufacturing of the seat shell of its new wheelchair.

Choice of the method
PlayMoovin’ is a new company that designs chairs by the drop, at the request of their customers. So, for now, the annual quantities produced are low.

Anvi Plasturgie suggested to PlayMoovin’ to produce these seat shells, in polyethylene, by using rotomolding, because :

  • It is the most appropriate process for small series
  • The seat shells must be very robust
  • And there is a possibility to produce customized colors for each sponsor.

What were the difficulties of this project ?
Making such hulls was a challenge for Anvi Plasturgie, because of the complex shape of the parts and the presence of inserts.

How long did the project take ?
The development of the project lasted eight months from the first contact to the realization of the finalized parts. This is the time needed to develop such complex parts.

Why did PlayMoovin’ choose Anvi Plasturgie rather than another partner ?

PlayMoovin’ chose Anvi Plasturgie for 2 reasons.

1. The proximity
PlayMoovin’ wanted above all to work with local partners.
Anvi Plasturgie’s rotational molding site is located in Aigueperse, in the Puy-de-Dôme, about 30 kilometers away from PlayMoovin’.

2. The expertise of the design office
The proximity is not the only argument. PlayMoovin’ particularly appreciated Anvi Plasturgie’s engineering approach. Indeed, PlayMoovin’ being a totally new company in rotational molding, they totally relied on the technical expertise of Anvi Plasturgie.
PlayMoovin’ provided 3D drawings to Anvi Plasturgie, who adapted them to the rotational molding process and took care of the realization of the molds. The choice of the plastics manufacturer is a key element in the success of your project.

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