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Poetic introduces a new green wall





Poetic is a French company which develops and distributes garden products made of recycled plastic.
Poetic pots and planters are designed to help novice to expert gardeners care for plants. They are well thought-out, practical and decorative designs.

Poétic launches a new green wall

Why make a green wall ?

Including plants in our homes (apartment, house, terrace, balcony …) but also in public places (offices, lobbies, stations, restaurants …) can improve living conditions. People tend to stay and feel better in the presence of plants, many researches have indeed proven these positive interactions.
Younger generations are extremely demanding for easier solutions to greening while saving space in small apartments/houses.

The green wall also meets the need to hide certain equipment, to protect oneself from a vis-à-vis and it can also allow to isolate oneself from noise. Plants will improve air quality, mask odors, reduce the heat island effect…

A practical plant wall to install

Poetic wanted to make a green wall different from the existing one. Anvi Plasturgie defined with Poetic the target and the needs thanks to Design Thinking tools (persona, expert interviews, functional analysis and tests with models).

The Green Wall had to :

Be practical to install
Be scalable and adaptable to different environments
Allow the good development of the plants

Notre accompagnement


Design Thinking : identifying users and their needs


Suggestion of designs meeting users' needs


Functional prototype : improvement of the product's usability and technical feasibility


Study and choice of the graining, creation of the packaging and the PLV


Manufacturing : management of the tooling production. Development and validation of pre-production parts

Poétic entrusted Anvi Plasturgie with the entire product : design, technical conception, industrialization, manufacturing and logistics. Anvi Plasturgie and Poétic have also co-designed with their suppliers the packaging and the POS to promote this new Green Wall.

Thanks to the creation of a module, Anvi Plasturgie designed for Poetic a plant wall really easy to set up without any tools. The system is scalable since the modules can be assembled vertically or horizontally.
This new type of plant wall overcomes the main obstacle : this new design guarantees a simple and quick set up.

Choice of process

Poetic wanted to innovate and try a new market segment in the world of garden products by launching this green wall. The first sales estimations and the architecture of the product naturally guided us towards extrusion blowing. This technology is very interesting and perfectly adapted to the manufacturing of hollow objects. It is the perfect compromise to launch a product with a more moderate tooling cost than injection.

What were the challenges of this project ?

The major challenge of this project was to reconcile use, design and technical feasibility. ANVI Plasturgie’s design team started with a simple need : « to grow in height » and, through a Design Thinking approach, we refined the functions to match the desired use. To achieve good profitability, the production rate required automation of the extrusion blow mold. Collaboration within ANVI Plasturgie between the R&D team and the production team was therefore the key to the success of this project to ensure a perfect match between design and technical feasibility.

How long did the project last ?

The development of the project took fourteen months from the first brief to the completion of the final parts. This is the time needed to develop a design and industrialize a new product complete with packaging and POS.

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